KRM Contracting 2000 Corp. in Kamloops BC opened its doors in 1983 and now offers a range of services throughout the central interior:
  • Demolition
  • Excavation
  • Site Cleanup
  • Hazardous Material: Site Assessments and Abatement
  • Mould Abatement
  • Recycled Building Materials For Sale – Retail/Online
  • Parking Lot Sweeping and Maintenance
  • Equipment Testing Services
  • Snow Removal

Demolition and Excavation

We have the heavy equipment and operators you need for site preparation and excavation services. Kamloops is growing, and so is the demand for removing old buildings for new construction, and excavating for highways, new homes, and residential renovations. Since 1983 we have been working with municipalities, developers and homeowners on projects of all sizes. Not sure if your site contains hazardous materials? Do you have beautiful trees that you need to preserve during construction? We will manage the entire project from demolition to remediation and excavation to site cleanup, safely and within your budget.

Environmental Remediation

Our KRM Environmental division focuses on the abatement of hazardous conditions within residential or commercial buildings. We conduct asbestos risk assessments, send your results to the lab, and make recommendations for remediation. Our AHERA (trained and accredited asbestos professionals) team will work closely with you throughout the process of creating your ECP (Environmental Control Plan) to ensure your new commercial property or home meets all Canadian safety guidelines. Our trained abatement team can also identify mold and propose how to remove it, to eliminate its spread and improve inside air quality. We provide project discussions over the phone and free onsite consultations across the Kamloops region.

Recycled Building Materials
Retail and Online

We believe in going green! On every job site, we take items destined for landfill and put them up for sale in our shop. Browse our selection online and then drop by our huge warehouse at 429 Mt Paul Way. You will be amazed by our huge inventory and amazing prices. We can provide detailed descriptions of products and photos. We can provide pricing of specific items over the phone.

Dry Ice Cleaning Services

Dry Ice Blast / Cleaning is an ecologically sound cleaning method available from KRM Environmental. We use extruded ice pellets for effective cleaning in manufacturing, hospitality, medical and other sites. This can be more cost-effective than traditional cleaning methods such as sandblasting or chemical cleans. Under high pressure, the dry ice creates a high-speed gas that removes particles from surfaces. As the dry ice sublimes (becomes a gas) on impact, it enters and breaks up contaminates. This does not harm the surface and clean-up is minimal.

Equipment Testing Services

KRM staff are certified for on-site testing and repairs of HEPA filter systems. We are also experts and certified in Dispersed Oil Particulate testing. We can do either at your location, or you can bring your equipment to us. We will be happy to create a confidential report (hard copy or sent electronically).
These items sell out fast, so please bookmark our KRM Recyclers page to take advantage of the savings and call us on 250-374-4437 if you have any questions!
KRM Recyclers
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Kamloops, British Columbia

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