Our KRM Environmental division focuses on the abatement of hazardous conditions within residential or commercial buildings. We conduct asbestos risk assessments, send your results to the lab, and make recommendations for remediation. Our AHERA (trained and accredited asbestos professionals) team will work closely with you throughout the process of creating your ECP (Environmental Control Plan) to ensure your new commercial property or home meets all Canadian safety guidelines.
Our trained abatement team can also identify mould and propose how to remove it, to eliminate its spread and improve inside air quality. We provide project discussions over the phone and free onsite consultations across the Kamloops region.

Asbestos Abatement

Are you buying a home that contains asbestos? 1985 and earlier years are suspect! Asbestos is a fire-resistant mineral fibre that was used in commercial and residential construction in Canada 40-50 years ago as insulation against cold, heat and noise. Asbestos was also added to cement and plaster to increase material strength. When considering buying and renovating an older home with character, or an older commercial property, be aware that the presence of asbestos can be hazardous to one’s health.
Before a renovation begins, by law you must have a qualified inspector identify the presence of asbestos and recommend how the material is to be handled, removed and disposed of.

Hazardous Materials and Risk Assessment Reports

Call us to schedule an onsite assessment to help determine any alterations, renovations or demolition where asbestos (or any other hazardous material) may be present. Our AHERA certified team follow the latest WorkSafe BC Guidelines to inspect your building or home and take samples.
If asbestos is found, then a Risk Assessment has to be done before any project can proceed. Don’t wait to call us to arrange a site visit before making a significant investment in a property!


Once you have confirmation that asbestos (or other hazardous materials) is present in your property call KRM for an estimate of how much remediation is required. We are a highly-qualified, fully insured, WCB-compliant contractor with a long list of satisfied clients. These include:
  • BC Government
  • City of Kamloops
  • CN Rail
  • CP Rail
  • Government of Canada
  • Interior Health (BC)
  • Kamloops Indian Band
  • Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (BC)
  • Royal Inland Hospital
  • Thomson-Nicola Regional District
  • Many Kamloops General Contractors and Kamloops residents
  • We will coordinate with your schedule to quickly set up a worksite inspection and consult with you on how to proceed.

    Black Mould Abatement

    Mould can grow very quickly on damp wood, drywall, and even on concrete surfaces. Highly contagious and fast spreading, this dangerous organism can affect the health of people in your home or business. Don’t wait to call our KRM office for a risk assessment and make sure your home remains safe.
    As it grows, mould becomes a biohazard by releasing spores and microscopic filaments (hyphae) into the air. When inhaled, these airborne particles can cause significant health problems for persons with weakened immune systems. Symptoms may include allergic reactions, asthma, upper airway infections, sinusitis and other lung infections.
    After our investigation, when mould is found in a building, we take the appropriate measures for removal. KRM Contracting is trained to find and safely remove black mold. Once the site is clean, we consult with the building owner to prevent the risk of recurrence. Prevention is key to eliminating this safety hazard. We review issues such as building material substitution and moisture control, and present our detailed recommendations.