Our KRM Contracting division has over 27 years of experience in demolition, excavation and site cleanup. Our team of site supervisors work closely with you to ensure your 100% satisfaction, no matter how difficult the job may seem. We ensure our heavy-duty equipment arrives on time, and our professional skilled operators are ready to go to work for you, no matter the size of your project.


Sometimes new is better. No one can get your new project off to a great start more reliably than the KRM fully- equipped team of professionals. We will provide a detailed estimate of the project, and we coordinate all the demolition services needed for a rebuild, or to make land improvements.
Since 1983, our team has completed many demolition projects for small and large renewal projects – which we are only too happy to discuss with you. No matter what challenge a demolition project presents, we will complete your project safely and on time. We understand the variables that make every site unique. When it comes to demolition, our goal is to remove all or part of unsafe buildings, while ensuring soil stability and preserving trees and hardscapes.
After selective or complete demolition and removal of debris, our team can continue on-site with further site prep – such as excavating foundations, trenching for water lines and sewage systems, digging swimming pools and preparing the way for new roads and bridges.

Site Clean-Up

During and at the end of every job, KRM Contracting keeps your site clean and safe. Call us for efficient post-construction cleanup. We will sort what is to be removed and what can be recycled, and help builders move quickly into the next stage of construction. We have the manpower and equipment required to remove heavy debris from your site. Contact us for a free consultation and time estimate. Count on KRM to keep your site clean, safe, and adhering to all safety protocols.

Seasonal Contracts for Parking Lot Power Sweeping and Snow Plowing

KRM Contracting is also well known throughout the region for its parking lot cleaning services for municipal and commercial properties! Your asphalt will never look better. Your customers will appreciate a clean lot and exterior grounds. We are proud of our work, and our quick response times. Having a special event? We invite you to call us. Tired of shoveling? We are now booking for snowplowing services for 2021.

Concrete Cutting and Coring

We cut or core concrete for pipes, wiring, HVAC ductwork, window openings and doorways. KRM will coordinate these services with minimal disruption to your business. Our over 25 years of experience, give you the peace of mind that these challenging jobs will be completed efficiently and safely.