KRM’s certified team is available for on-site testing and repairs of HEPA filter systems. We are certified to assist companies meet their obligations for testing the HEPA filter systems used in all clean air and containment settings. This protects people, products and the environment.
The D.O.P (Dispersed Oil Particulate) test will ensure the HEPA filter’s integrity and handling has been carried out correctly. This D.O.P test measures the filtration efficiency of particles larger than 0.9999 micron and is therefore essential to ensure the efficiency and absolute safety of the filter.
On-site testing is available, or you can bring your equipment into our store and have it tested in our premises at Unit C – 752 East Athabaska St., Kamloops, BC.
Certificate of Completion_KRM Contracting 2000 Corp
We use the ATI 100X Automated Filter Tester

Reporting D.O.P Test Results

KRM’s test reports will be provided electronically, as well as a copy which is sent with your invoice. All data is considered confidential in nature and maintained and treated as such.