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KRM - Excavation/Demolition, Hazardous Site Remediation, and Used Building Materials for Kamloops and Northern BC
KRM Recyclers see it as a win-win to save all potentially reusable materials from our work sites and put them up for sale to you online, or in our warehouse. We want to work with you to save you money, and reduce the footprint of the BC construction industry.
We often are removing or renovating historical character homes or buildings that have become unsafe or need efficiency improvements. We begin selective demolition of all reusable building materials and sell them at bargain prices in our warehouse at 429 Mt. Paul Way in Kamloops. If you are looking for something special in the way of vintage wood flooring, lighting, molding, doors, cabinets and hardware, and much more, don’t wait! Many of these recyclables are one-of-a-kind vintage items you have difficulty finding anywhere else at these very low prices.

Used Building Materials For Sale

We believe in going green! On every job site, we take items destined for landfill and put them up for sale in our shop. Browse our selection online and then drop by our huge warehouse at 429 Mt Paul Way. You will be amazed by our huge inventory and amazing prices. We can provide detailed descriptions of products and photos. We can provide pricing of specific items over the phone.
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Pick up at our 429 Mt Paul Way warehouse Monday-Friday between 8 am and 4 pm. Save hundreds of dollars on used building supplies, furniture and much more!